Are you interested in possibly starting a new C.A.R.E. Group? If so, please answer the following questions and email your answers to refugewalterboro@gmail.com. All leaders and groups must be approved by the pastor and advisory team.

1. Share briefly your testimony of how you came to know Jesus as your personal savior and lord. Your life before Christ? When you came to know Christ? How your life has changed since coming to know Christ?

2. What church experiences (if any) did you have prior to Refuge?

3. How long have you attended Refuge?

4. What areas (if any) have you already served within the church?

5. What leadership roles have you provided before inside or outside of a church?

6. What type of Care Group has God put on your heart to possibly start?

7. Share with us the primary target/goal of your particular group. What need would it meet? What common ground would it rally around? Describe the people that would most likely want to be a part of your group?

8. When and where would you want to facilitate your group?      

9. Do you already know others that are interested in this care group?

10. Anything else you feel we need to know about you past, present, or group?