*The Leader’s Integrity ALWAYS matters. Leaders must exhibit a Christlike example both during and beyond care groups. “People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do.” Any arising concerns will be addressed!

*Leaders must work within the LOVE, LIFT, LEAD Vision.

-Leaders must demonstrate and communicate that every small group is simply part of the Bigger Group of believers called Refuge Church.

-No group will be allowed to do things that don’t reflect the greater vision and still be affiliated/endorsed by Refuge Church. We want to meet people where they are with God’s love, not where we want them to be while lifting Jesus in all they say and do. We want to encourage those involved towards a deeper faith in Christ.

*Leaders must have a humble heart and teachable spirit.

*Leaders must demonstrate a Christ-like humility and always be eager to learn how we can more effectively encourage one another in Christ.

*Leaders must attend Monthly Leadership CARE Group Meetings.

Once a month all CARE group leaders will gather for encouragement, equipping, celebration, and accountability.  We will meet 6:30pm @ Refuge the 4th Mondays of Each of Month. It’s so important that each leader has support as they seek to support others. You can’t pour into others if you are not healthy and growing in Christ.

*Leaders must know that we are not in competition with each other. Every group is not for everybody. But, every group serves a greater purpose and exist to Love, Lift, & Lead people to Jesus. Ideal group size is typically no more than 8-12 so that participants can share life together. Leaders should always be looking for how they can invest in and reproduce other potential Care Group Leaders.